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In Logistics, the Keystone to a Winning Strategy is Location

Keystone Trade Center offers several location advantages that will create a competitive opportunity in your company's supply chain strategy.


Connectivity and Reach

A centralized location to reach consumers of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic
& Midwest 

Keystone Trade Center is located just outside metro Philadelphia and centralized between New York and Washington, D.C. with immediate highway access to U.S. Routes 1 & 13, Interstate 295 and extremely efficient linkage to I-95 and I-276/I-76 (PA Turnpike). 


KTC is the ideal location with the ability to accomodate super regional occupiers to service major Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Ontario Province metro areas.

Center City Philadelphia

34 Miles

49 Minutes

New York City

69 Miles

1 Hr 41 Min


139 Miles

2 Hr 23 Min

Washington D.C.

178 Miles

3 Hr 6 Min


282 Miles

4 Hr 45 Min


282 Miles

4 Hr 45 Min


282 Miles

4 Hr 45 Min

Road Access

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Connectivity and Reach

Over 34 million people live within 3 hours. 

31% of the U.S. population and 56% of the Canadian population
can be reached in under one day's truck drive.

Labor Story

Cost effective and plentiful workforce

The Philadelphia region has a dense and cost-effective population of blue collar workers against other major industrial markets nationally.  


Amongst surrounding logistics markets, KTC also boasts the highest population and percentage of blue collar workers with the lowest wage rates associated for typical careers like forklift operators, shipping and receiving clerks, and general warehouse laborers.


Labor Story

Superior Port Access

Keystone Trade Center has the port advantage over the region's logistics markets

Amongst the top centers for distribution and fulfillment of the Northeast, Keystone Trade Center offers closer proximity to the port container terminals of New York and New Jersey than Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley logistics market and closer proximity to the port container terminals of Baltimore and Philadelphia than Central New Jersey logistics markets. 

Superior Port Access
KTC Web location philadelphia.png


The Greater Philadelphia Region

The Philadelphia Metropolitan region is the 8th largest in the United States and centrally located between New York and Washington, DC; the most densely populated superregional east coast market in the I-95 corridor. More than 34 million people live and $490 billion of Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP) is produced by the Philadelphia region and the combined total GMP within a 3-hour drive of Philadelphia is $3.2T.

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Metro Population
Metro GMP
GMP Within 3 Hour Drive
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