How much could you be saving in occupancy costs in the PA KOZ?

See what can be achieved with the Interactive Incentives calculator

Keystone Trade Center is located in a designated Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ), with taxes eligible to be waived through 12/31/2034. Through credits, waiver and broad-based tax abatements, total taxes on economic activity in zones are significantly reduced.


These benefits affect the following taxes:


  • Corporate Net Income tax

  • Personal Income tax

  • Sales and Use tax (purchases consumed and used by the qualified business in the zone)

  • Mutual Thrift Institution tax

  • Bank and Trust Company Shares tax


  • Earned Income/Net Profits tax

  • Business Gross Receipts, Business Occupancy, Business Privilege and Mercantile tax

  • Sales and Use tax (county/city; purchases exclusively used and consumed by the qualified business in the zone)

  • Property tax PILOT through 2034 - Taxes Fixed at $0.25 PSF

Sample Incentives Calculation



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